Shopping for Food and Drink

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Shopping for Food and Drink

When we go shopping, we buy items in amounts, quantities or containers - for example, 1kg, a bottle, a packet of... etc. You will need to know these words in German as they could crop up in any of your exams.

The tricky word to look out for is "anderthalb" which means "one and a half". You can also say "eineinhalb", but "anderthalb" sometimes comes up in listening exams, so be prepared! Also, remember you don't have to translate the word for "of", for example, eine Flasche Cola = a bottle of coke.

The following exercise will help you revise the names of specific containers.

Read the container written in bold above the diagram, then flick through the pictures using the arrows either side of the image. Once you think you have matched a pair together, mark your answer to see if you are right. Then try the next question:

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You may have to show that you can understand a shopping list in your Reading exam. Next time one is written out at home, why don't you try translating it into German to see how easily you can do it. But don't get the two lists confused, or you might end up getting some very strange things in your fridge if your parents don't understand German!

If you have to perform a shopping role-play in your speaking exam, here is an interaction telling you the essential phrases.

Read the dialogue below and fill in the gaps by dragging the words into the spaces provided. When you have completed it, mark your answer to see how you got on:

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